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Snow Ball 2015 is now a
Best of the Best event!

Saturday January 10 & Sunday, January 11, 2015

MInneapolis/St. Paul
Airport/Mall of America Hilton Hotel

Keep up!

We have many new and exciting changes in-progress for Snow Ball 2015!

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Rules, Regulations and General Information • 2015

Syllabus Restrictions

  • Material danced should be based on the NDCA, ISTD, DVIDA, Fred Astaire, Arthur Murray, or equivalent syllabus. Lifts are allowed only in a solo exhibition.

  • The NDCA approved step list will be invigilated.

    NDCA Web address:

  • NDCA dress codes will be strictly enforced.

Dancing Consecutive Levels & Age Divisions

  • Teachers can only have one entry per dance/level and age category.

  • Students may dance up to 5 consecutive levels in each style. For example, 5 levels would be Newcomer Silver, Pre Silver, Intermediate Silver, Full Silver and Open Silver.

  • Adult students may dance their actual age group, plus one age group younger.

  • Organizers have the right to merge or cancel heats in any event with fewer than three entries.

Top Teacher Information

  • Multi-dance and scholarship entries count as one entry toward the Teacher’s Pot of Gold award money, and Top Teacher awards*.

    * Top teacher placements will be announced based on the World Pro/Am DanceSport Series point system.

    World Pro-Am DanceSport Series Web address:

  • Top Grand Slam Teacher – Teachers must have a minimum of 4 students dancing a minimum of 8 Multi-Dance or Scholarship events to qualify for this title and prize money.

  • Top Grand Slam Student - Pro/Am students must be entered in a minimum of 4 Scholarship and/or Multi-Dance events to qualify for the title and prize money.

Top Studio Qualifications

  • Top studios - small studios must have 1-2 teachers and large studios must have 3 or more teachers to qualify for Top Studio prize.

NDCA Registration

  • All Pro/Am teachers, professionals, and amateur couples are required to have a 2015 Registration Number with the National Dance Council of America. (Pro/Am students do not need to be registered.)

    Register online: www.ndca.org/registration/


  • Solo exhibitions can last a maximum of 3 minutes. Music must be individually labeled with student’s name and heat number. Only CD’s will be accepted. No mini Cd’s or cassettes are allowed.

Payment Policy
Payment must accompany entries.

  • Early Pay pricing is available for entries received with payment in full by December 1, 2014. Standard rates apply after December 1.

    Balances paid after the deadline must be paid with cash or cashiers check. Any prize money (scholarships, Pot of Gold, Professional), cannot be used to deduct any balances due.

  • The deadline for cancellation with full refund is December 10, 2014. A letter requesting a refund of payments must follow cancellations. After this date, you have the option of a 100% credit for entires next year, or a 20% service charge on cash refunds.

    Registration fees and admisison tickets are not refundable.

  • Canceled entries taken at the event cannot be substituted by another entry and will not be refunded.

No Private Videotaping

  • Professional videographers will be available to videotape your dancing for a fee.

    No private videotaping will be allowe

Contact Us

  • Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions at
    612 910-2690 or dance@TheSnowBallComp.com


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    Deadline is December 15, 2014.

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  • Vendor space is available. The cost is a flat fee of $500 per vendor.

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Thank you for attending The Snow Ball.